The boy I found for Gipsy and Trim is Lad ISDS 335173. Lad is owned and bred by the Belgian hilfarmer Marc Morren. Marc ran and won a lot of open trials. He became 3the at the Continental in Germany 1999 and was the winner of the Continental in Holland 1997, with his bitch Jill. All of his breeding dogs go back to her, so also Lad. Jill is out of the BWLCH bloodlines (G.Jones) Marc started his hilfarm career in the Pyrenees and then started a new flock in the High Fen (Hoge Venen) in Belgium. His experience working with sheep and dogs makes him a excellent trainer. Marc is giving private lessons working border collies on sheep for many years now. Doing this he knows a lot of different type of BC and what is the best way of training them.This litter will be CEA/CH Normal and ISDS registerd.

His pedigree