Robin was born 02 may 2001 and left this world at 07 January 2012.
He was my first BC and my all round dog.
At the age of 15weeks he started obedience and did this extremely well. He ran competitions in the highest rang (Programma 2)
We started a agility training, but this was not his thing. Later in life he did sheep herding as a hobby. Robin loved to eye every living animal, from sheep, to cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, you just name it...
His greatest love was, until the last weeks of his live...flyball !!! He ran in the past the Belgium Championship flyball.

The kennel is named after him, being my first BC and knowing he was a flyball fanatic. (Round Robin is a point system in this sport)

This dog adored me more then live itself. And he showed me until the very end, he died peacefully into my arms of old age.